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Detailed Information About Plans and Options

If you have any questions about the items described below, please contact us by email ([email protected]) or give us a call at 1-800-334-3153 (8am-5pm US Eastern Time, Mon-Fri) so we can assist you.

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If you want to build more than one structure from our licenses, see the "Construction Licenses" section below.


The current price for a minimum plan order of 4 printed sets plus a PDF is shown on each plan's descriptive page. Prices vary according to the total heated area. The prices for any options that have a cost are displayed in the drop-down lists for each plan. Prices are subject to change without notice.

What Is Included in Plans and Related Items

Plans include four sets of complete working drawings and specification forms. A minimum order or package set of regular plans is sold for building one house only, and it is illegal to copy it for other building projects. See "Reproducible Plans & Construction Licenses" below if you wish to build more than one house from a plan.

All our home plans are complete working drawings showing:

  • all four elevations (front, sides, and rear)
  • foundation & details -- all girders, piers, and double joists are dimensioned ; floor joist direction, size & spacing are labeled
  • floor plan -- all rooms are labeled and dimensioned; ceiling joist direction, size & spacing are labeled; beams in the ceiling are shown and labeled
  • roof plan -- rafter direction, size & spacing are labeled; all hips, valleys & supports are labeled
  • millwork such as cabinets & fireplaces
  • framing -- wall section & details showing each framing end condition
  • window & door schedule -- locations, dimensions, and sizes
  • vent calculations -- for attic and foundation

Additional sets cost $35.00 and may be ordered at the initial purchase or later.

Heating layouts or combination heating/air conditioning layouts may be ordered for oil, gas, or electric power.

Materials lists specify items required for construction excluding electrical, plumbing, mechanical, and painting items. Foundation materials are listed for crawl space or basement foundations only, except when a slab foundation is part of the stock plan. Roof truss materials are listed only when trusses are part of a stock plan. We do not offer materials lists for changed or custom plans.

Plumbing schematics and roof truss diagrams are also available at the time of purchase.

Basement Version: Most plans shown with a crawl space foundation are also available in a basement version at an extra cost of $125.00. The gray area in the pictured floor plan shows the general size and location of the basement stairs for the basement version of the plan; this area will be slightly altered to allow for basement stairs. If you would like a picture of the altered version to be faxed or emailed to you, please contact us. (See also "Optional Variations of Stock Plans" below.)

We offer our plans for sale with the expressed limit of one building per original design purchase (regardless of the total number of plan sets, including additional sets, ordered for the design).

Construction Licenses

Buying a Construction License allows you to build one additional unit within a year of your original plan purchase. Each additional Construction License costs $350.00. You may buy one or more Construction Licenses at the time of your initial plan order or within 1 year of the original order date. We do not offer refunds or exchanges for construction licenses.

Optional Variations of Stock Plans

Free or low-cost options help you get the right plan for your project

Do you need a slab or pier-and-curtain-wall foundation instead of a crawl space version? Do you want to change the design from siding to brick? Any of those options are available at no extra cost. A basement version of a plan adds $125.00 to the cost of your plans, which is less expensive than paying to have a stock crawl space plan custom-altered. Also note that additional sets, heat/air layouts, materials lists, and certifications are competitively priced. Package Sets help reduce the cost of your plans, too.

Note about basement foundation: The gray area in the pictured floor plan shows the general size and location of basement stairs for the basement version of the plan, if available. This area of the plan will be altered to allow for basement stairs. If you would like a picture of the altered version to be faxed or emailed to you, please contact us.

We offer any combination of the following variations of stock plans:

Alternate exterior materials (brick or siding); other exterior materials such as stucco on the frame may be specially ordered by calling us;

Alternate foundation including basement, floating (monolithic) slab, perimeter slab, or pier & curtain wall;

Right-reading reversed plans: unlike mirror-reversed, all text and dimensions are readable in the reversed version of the plan;

Roof Truss Version outlines the general specifications for the roof system, which the truss manufacturer will use to determine the design and location of the trusses. (See also "About Roof Trusses, Heating & Plumbing Layouts, and the Thermal Performance Report" below.)

Custom Modifications to Stock Plans

All custom work is done in-house by qualified residential designers who are available to talk with you Monday through Friday, 8:00A.M to 5:00 P.M. Eastern Time. If you need modifications made to your plans, please call us at 1-800-334-3153 before ordering, or send an email describing the changes you need. We will promptly give you the price and time required for the changes.

Special Options

  • Concrete block exterior walls (prepared to order)..............Please call for price and availability.
  • Piling foundation..............................Please call for price and availability.

Certification for USDA Rural Development, VA, and FHA Home Loan Programs

Certification for selected Rural Development house plans and specifications for submission to the Rural Development program (USDA-RD), the Veterans Administration (VA), or the Federal Housing Authority (FHA) is provided by a registered Professional Building Designer certified by the American Institute of Building Design. He is qualified to evaluate the technical sufficiency of construction documents for residential properties. Since some plans are not designed for these programs, please call to confirm the availability of this option for a particular plan.

Certification fee for plans and specifications......................$100.00

About Roof Trusses, Heating & Plumbing Layouts, and the Thermal Performance Report

Save on foundation costs when using Roof Trusses

If you intend to use prefabricated roof trusses, we recommend that you order the Roof Truss Version option along with your plans. Although the truss manufacturer will provide all truss designs and a plan layout of the roof system, they do not usually redesign the foundation plan for your house. Since roof trusses transfer roof and ceiling loads to exterior walls, they eliminate the need for interior load bearing walls. Accordingly, the foundation and floor framing system in the roof Truss Version reflects the absence of these interior bearing walls. Fewer piers are required to support the floor, and floor joist spans can be adjusted to better accommodate standard lumber lengths. The Roof Truss version of a plan outlines the general specifications for the roof system, which the truss manufacturer will use to determine the design and location of the trusses.

In contrast, a stick-built roof system must have interior load bearing walls, so more piers are needed in the foundation to support both the ceiling and floor framing. Moreover, standard lumber lengths may not be used to the greatest advantage since girders must be placed according to the location of bearing walls. If you order a plan with a stick-built roof and ceiling system but decide to build with roof trusses, your foundation may be over-designed and may cost more to build.

Who needs Heating Layouts and Plumbing Schematics?

It benefits you to have a heating layout and plumbing schematic if you are asking for estimates or bids from more than one contractor. With these documents in hand, they can base their estimates on the same specifications and quantities of materials. Some lenders also require heating layouts and plumbing schematics. The plumbing schematic illustrates both the waste and supply risers in an isometric view.

Does your plan need a Thermal Performance Report?

All new designs and many of our older ones include general thermal performance design specifications. If your local building code official requires proof of compliance with applicable Model Energy Codes, a detailed thermal evaluation of your plan may be necessary. We can provide a thermal performance report for any of our single and two family home plans to ensure compliance with these codes:

  • 1992, 1993, and 1995 Model Energy Code
  • 1998, 2000, and 2003 International Energy Conservation Code
  • Georgia Energy Code
  • Arkansas, Georgia, Massachusetts, Minnesota, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New York, Vermont, Wisconsin, and Pima, Arizona

Thermal Performance Report . . . $40.00 per plan. (Please call 1-800-334-3153 to order.)


Dimensions shown in the simplified illustrations are approximate and are not intended to be used for firm estimates or actual construction. See our refund and exchange policy below if you wish to secure plans for an accurate estimate. Heated Area is the square footage as measured from the outside walls and will differ from the figure shown in this publication if you specify an alternate exterior material. Please call to obtain square footage information for plans with alternate exterior material.

Building Codes and Plan Review

Our plans are drawn to meet the 2015 International Residential Code for One- and Two-Family Dwellings with 2018 North Carolina amendments. It is the responsibility of the builder or homeowner to submit these plans to the local building code authority for review prior to construction. Should the plans fail this review, we can make the necessary changes at our normal hourly rate for custom work, or you may order a reproducible set of plans or an AutoCAD reproducible file and hire a local residential designer to make the changes.

If the building code official requires the plans to be sealed by a Professional Engineer, it is the responsibility of the owner/builder to locally secure an engineer's services. (If you plan to build in North Carolina, we can secure these services for you upon request.)

For areas subject to wind, seismic, or other natural hazards, we can provide an extra sheet with the plans that details necessary design changes.

If you are building a triplex or quadruplex multi-family dwelling, check with your local building code official to determine the plan requirements for the building project.

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